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Greek Wedding Traditions

We all fell in love with the lively Greek family in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” but which endearing reception traditions are the real deal and which are just in the movies? Here’s what actually goes on at a Greek wedding reception. Jump ‘n Jive The bride leads a raucous dance known as the kalamatiano, more

Posted Wednesday 12/30/2009


Video: Kate & Grant's Modern Greek Wedding

This video by Hakim Sons Films captures all of the love and tradition of a modern Greek-American wedding ceremony. Kate and Grant's wedding took place at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox more

Posted Tuesday 9/1/2009


Greek Orthodox Weddings Q&A

Reverend Father Nikolaos Tambakis, a Greek Orthodox wedding officiant at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Thunder Bay, Ontario, explain the ins and outs of a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. Q: Do all of our guests have to be Greek Orthodox? A: Just like other services in the Orthodox Church, more

Posted Tuesday 12/8/2009


Video: Vasiliki & Kyriako's Wedding in Greece

Vasiliki & Kyriako's wedding video, shot by Yorgo Kousa of Photo Globe, offers highlights of several Greek wedding traditions, including the preparation of the bride, the ceremony, and the reception, all of which took place near Thessaloniki, more

Posted Tuesday 9/1/2009


Greek Wedding Ceremony Basics

A typical Greek Orthodox ceremony has six parts. We break it down. 1. The Betrothal: The priest blesses the rings three times. Then the Koumbaro or Koumbara exchanges rings that are placed on the bride and groom’s right ring fingers. 2. The Crowning: The couple is crowned with stefana, wreaths more

Posted Tuesday 12/8/2009



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